CUBICO Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Breakers up to 630A

Thermal magnetic and electronic trip units

Auxiliary contacts, shunt trips, motor operators, rotary handlesand and other accessores

NEW Motor control catalogue

ALEA II Series

Contactors – 3 to 250kW

Motor Circuit Breakers – 0.16 – 63A

Thermal Overload relays – 0.1 to 175A

Power Distribution and Control

Modular equipment catalogue

Surge diverters

Time and monitoring relays

Time clocks

Power Distribution and Control

Fuses and Fuse gear Catalogue

Fuses HRC, 10×38, Neozed, Diazed

Fuse strips, holders switches

Busbar systems

Power Distribution and Control

Circuit Breakers Catalogue

Molded Case Circuit Breakers up to 1600A

Air Circuit Breakers up to 6300A

Load break switches

Power Distribution and Control

Motor control and Relays Catalogue

Contactors, Motor breakers and Overload protection


Soft starters and torque limiters

Power Distribution and Control

Transformers, switches measuring instruments Catalogue

Command and signalling devices


Transformers and Power supplies

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