Cubico MZ 3

CUBICO Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Breakers up to 630A

Thermal magnetic and electronic trip units

Auxiliary contacts, shunt trips, motor operators, rotary handlesand and other accessores

f k alea en9

NEW Motor control catalogue

ALEA II Series

Contactors – 3 to 250kW

Motor Circuit Breakers – 0.16 – 63A

Thermal Overload relays – 0.1 to 175A

f k energen6

Power Distribution and Control

Modular equipment catalogue

Surge diverters

Time and monitoring relays

Time clocks

f k schmeen6

Power Distribution and Control

Fuses and Fuse gear Catalogue

Fuses HRC, 10×38, Neozed, Diazed

Fuse strips, holders switches

Busbar systems

f k leisten6

Power Distribution and Control

Circuit Breakers Catalogue

Molded Case Circuit Breakers up to 1600A

Air Circuit Breakers up to 6300A

Load break switches

f k schueen6

Power Distribution and Control

Motor control and Relays Catalogue

Contactors, Motor breakers and Overload protection


Soft starters and torque limiters

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Power Distribution and Control

Transformers, switches measuring instruments Catalogue

Command and signalling devices


Transformers and Power supplies

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