Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) Schrack MC series offer a compact design with various adjustable trip units in four different frames sizes.

MC type MCCBs by Schrack Technik include circuit breakers from 20 to 1,600 A with only four frame sizes. These circuit breakers can be used
universally – from the smallest of service distribution boards, to machine controls or motor starter combinations, up to large energy distribution systems with a maximum short-circuit breaking capacity of 150 kA. Special versions are available for smaller power ratings with phase failure sensitivity protection for motor and motor-related applications. The range of CBs is rounded off nicely with switch actuation using toggle-lever, rotary- or remote operators. Shunt-, undervoltage- and earth
fault- and residual current releases (RDC) complete the range. The Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) can be used universally for DC applications thanks to their high DC-3 utilization category: ranging from photovoltaics to emergency generator batteries to sophisticated breaking and protection of DC shunt-wound motors in reverse- and jog mode. The Schrack Technik’s MC circuit breakers are the ideal protection devices for DC current networks with operating voltages up to 750 V and operating currents up to 500 A. Featuring thermal-magnetic release systems for exact r.m.s detection of operating and fault currents. These contacts feature a double break system which enables safe breaking in high-energy networks with short circuit currents of up to 150,000 amps.

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