Command and signalling devices Series MM
• Wide range of buttons and emergency stop buttons
• Illuminated, non-illuminated and key operated control switches
• Potentiometers, Acoustic indicators, Joysticks
• Various types of contact elements
• Integrated LED technology with 100,000 h service life
• LED modules with 5 colours
• Screw and cage clamp terminals for contact and LED elements
• Enclosures and boxes
• Degree of protection:
– IP 67/69 K for push buttons and illuminated push buttons and indicator lights, emergency stop buttons, mushroom buttons
– IP 66 for two-button stations, Selector and key-operated switches
• Abrasion proof
• Customizable text
• Programmable latching and momentary function
• Diameter 22,5 mm

The MM Series is fully compatible with EATON RMQ Titan

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