The electromechanical relays Schrack are famous with their reliability and robust design. The Schrack relay is a popular product that satisfies the high requirements of the industry and the building sector. The Schrack relays are used in Industrial automation, Building automation (BMS , BMCS). They are also used as a general purpose relays in every control panel or for PCB applications. Some of the most popular relays in the portfolio include Plug-in relays PT, PCB Relays RT, Multimode relays MT and power relays RM and narrow compact relay packages SNR. Schrack offers numerous relay types and variations to suit market requirements and to provide efficiency and compact compact assemblies. The portfolio comprises low consumption relays for electronics and PLC applications, high inrush relays used for switching power supplies and LED lights. Some relays could be equipped with various modules like LED, Varistor, Protection diode, RC module or even additional time delay module.

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