Motor control section includes products for protection and control of AC and DC motors, Capacitors for power factor correction (PFC) and LED lights.

Motor protection – Motor circuit breakers Class 10 for AC and DC motors. Provide protection against short circuits, overload, two phase operation and rotor stall (increased slip).

Industrial Contactors – Industrial contactors for switching motors, capacitors or LED lights.

Modular contactors – For heating and lighting loads. Can be installed on a DIN rail in load centres and panel boards.

Thermal Overload relays – Provide protection of motors against overloads due to general overload, rotor stall, or operation of two phases.

Softstarters and Motor controllers – Intelligent control for motors by providing soft start and stop. Applicable for motors driving pumps, fans or other coupled devices with significant startup current.

Torque limiters – Reduce the initial torque of the motor to mitigate the negative mechanical impact on the equipment.

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