Delay Timers and Monitoring relays

If you need to switch something on or off some time after actually deactivating it, the use of a timer relay is a good choice. Timer relays are mounted on DIN rails. By connecting several timer relays in series it is possible to set up a switching sequence. The time range of Schrack Technik timer relays can be set between a few milliseconds and 100 hours. Timer must always be set in the de-energised state. There is a wide variety of timer relays available; for every application the suitable relay:

Single Function Timer Relays, Dual Function Timer Relays, Multi-Function Timer Relays, Plug-In Multi-Function Timer Relays, Flasher Relays, Single Function Relays, Dual Time Multi-Function Relays, Star-Delta Relays, Emergency Lighting Testers

If a monitoring of the some parameters in the electrical installation is needed, then we can offer a variety of:

Voltage Monitoring Relays, Current Monitoring Relays, Phase Sequence and Failure Monitoring, Thermistor Monitoring Relay (Motor coil overheating), Fluid Level Monitoring Relays

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