Grid and system protection for plants universal

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Available on back-order

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Grid and system protection for co-generation, wind, hydro and photovoltaic systems

The SCHRACK URNA0345 is a multinational grid and system protection unit, that protects energy generation
plants ( like combined heat and power plants, wind generators, waterpower plants, photovoltaic plants).
In case of power failures or net anomalies, power gererating plants have to be disconnected immediately
from the mains supply to avoid unintentional feeding to the grid. On the one hand continuing grid
feeding could endanger maintenance staffs, on the other hand connected devices could be exposed to
inadmissible voltages and/or frequencies.
In case the grid operator requires thresholds and settings that are not conforming with the local standards,
it is possible to set thresholds outside the normative defined range!
Outside these range the device is not in accordance with the standards anymore and the corresponding
certificate loses validity! This state is indicated as „ncnf“ [none conformity] on the display.
Settings outside the conformity range are therefore in responsibility of the operator respectively the
acceptance authority.


Ship by 19, April 2023

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